Financial Modelling and Forecasting

Financial Modelling and Forecasting

Detailed financial planning is essential, but it’s not a one-off task. As your business grows and the market shifts, you’ll need to revisit your financial plans. This helps ensure your company’s financial health and can lead to better profits. Yet, many businesses overlook this crucial step or find it overwhelming.

With our financial modeling experts, you can leverage our expertise by meeting your commitments, predict cash flow, and set strategies for achieving long-term objectives.

Let’s make financial planning straightforward and effective.

Our Financial Modelling Services includes but not limited:

Cashflow Analysis and Management

We conduct a thorough analysis of your cash transactions, pinpoint trends, and devise methods for effective cash flow management to boost your liquidity and ensure a stable financial footing.

Feasibility Analysis

The evaluation of viability of a project or new business using NPV or IRR analysis, to provide a clear picture of potential risks and profits.

Break-even Analysis

The calculation of break-even point for a product, project or new venture, and understanding of sales volume required to cover all fixed and variable cost.

Capital Structure Formation

The guidance in capital structure, to assess the optimal mix of debt and equity financing, in order to maximize the shareholder’s wealth.

Key Performance Indicators

We identify, design and track relevant financial KPIs for your business, that gives detailed insights about the business to help in strategic decision making.

Income Statement Analysis

We conduct thorough income statement analysis, analyzing revenue, expenses, and trends in profitability to guide strategic planning and enhance performance

Pro-forma Financial Statements

Either you are a startup or an established business, projected financial statements based on business plans and assumptions, helps in financial planning, fundraising, and investment decisions.

Scenario Planning

Not sure about the financial decision between two alternatives or having doubt about the investment decision either to invest or not? Let us make it simple for you by developing a what if scenario to understand potential outcomes and risks.

Merger and Acquisition Modeling

We assess the financial feasibility, risks, and potential synergies of the underlying acquisition or merger transaction, along with projecting future financial performance, estimating the value of the target company, and analyzing the impact on key financial metrics such as earnings per share (EPS) and return on investment (ROI).

Discounted Cash Flow Modeling

We assess and project the value of an investment based on its expected future cashflows by applying discount rate (WACC).